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Performance Form  演奏形式

Solo Dance

Group Dance

Dance performance with the band

Program 剧目和演出时间

Each dance ranges from 3-15 minutes. Therefore we can hold 10 mins to 2 ½ hour performance or dance special. We can adjust the combinations of dance according to the different needs. 每个剧目的演出时间三到十五分钟不等。 我们可以举办一个十分钟到两个半小时的舞蹈表扬或者 专场舞蹈演出 。 剧目根据不同的需求, 我们可以随时做出 不同组合和不同剧目的调整 , 来适应客户的要求。


Dance Type 

戏曲舞蹈 Opera Dance

Classical Dance based on Opera Performance usually using Long Sleeves, Fans or Umbrellas

汉唐古典舞 Classical Dance in the Han and Tang Dynasties

Classical Dance in Han and Tang Dynasties’ style

敦煌古典舞 Dunhuang Classical Dance

Classical Dance in Dunhuang style

民族民间舞 Folk Dance

 Folk Dance  with the different national costume in China

中国风流行 Chinese pop dance

Pop dance in Chinese style

展示类舞蹈 Show dance

Dance with colorful and different style costume to show the clothes, custom, and etiquette.