Serena Zhang 张婉辰

Serena Zhang, a dance performance member of OMG joined from 2016 and she is also the Propaganda of OMG.She had learned Chinese Dance for eight years and learned Jazz and Aerobics for a long time. Also, she loves Chinese Ping Opera and Beijing Opera and has lots of performing experience. She had certified for piano grade examination stage 6. She is also keen to spend time on swimming, social communicate and playing Chinese traditional music.
张婉辰, Orchid New Music 宣传部长,舞蹈团成员, 2016年入团,有8年民族舞经验,并长期学习Jazz以及健美操,曾代表初中和高中参加健美操大赛获得亚军和季军。喜欢中国评剧和京剧,并有一定的演出经验。还曾获得钢琴六级证书。热爱游泳和中国传统音乐,同时热爱与人交流