Yushi Zhang 张雨诗

Yushi Zhang, choreographer of Orchid New Music. She touched the field of dance at 4 years old. Professional Ballet dance teacher became her dance abecedarian at her age of 7 and she was trained as ballerina 3 years. She was also taught technique by professional gymnast at the same time. From 10 years old, she began to be taught by the teacher from culture palace and choreographer from Wuhan Conservatory Of Music, and had been trained systematically in Contemporary Dance, Chinese Classical Dance, Chinese Folk Dance more than 10 years. She had achieved first place lots of time in the different level of “Art Talent” competition. 2011, She obtained an offer from the National life science and technology talent training base class of Huazhong Agricultural University and obtained the President Scholarship as a “Dancing” Art Special Students. During the studying, she achieved first place in Original Stage Competition and the First Dancing Competition. She also worked as a captain and leader in College Art Troupe(Dancing Troupe). She learned Taichi from her grandma who is a professional Taichi coach. She can also play Guzheng, Piano, Electronic organ, Violin, etc and she learned KUNQU, the original opera of Beijing Opera after visiting Australia. She loved Traditional Chinese Culture and try her best to spread it to the whole world.

She is also the IT support and video editor of stage background in the group.