Yvonne Zhao 赵一方

Yvonne Zhao, a dance performance member of OMG joined from 2013. She had been practicing ballet for six years, Hip-pop for three years, and piano for 14 years. She had certified for piano grade examination stage 10, adult Bel canto singing level 6, and pencil stretch level 4. She is also interested in Zheng and practicing for two years. She was a member of chorus and aerobics dancing group in high school. She is also keen to spend time on swimming, yoga, roller skating, and Chinese Kong Fu.

赵一方, Orchid New Music 舞蹈团成员, 2013年入团。 有六年芭蕾训练经验,三年Hip-pop 练习。 十四年钢琴练习,并获取南师大钢琴十级证书,成人美声声乐六级,十四年素描练习,素描四级, 和两年古筝经验。 原高中合唱团成员, 健美操团员,曾代表学校参加市健美操比赛,获二等奖。 热爱运动,游泳, 瑜伽, 旱冰, 和中国武术。